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We are global philanthropists and adventurers  dedicated to helping others less fortunate in the international community. We are Basa Village Foundation USA, a nonprofit organization committed to bringing out positive change in Basa, Nepal and elsewhere.


Our vision is to create healthy, sustainable and model communities in remote rural Nepal so that local culture and heritage is maintained.


Our mission is to create opportunities for remote international communities to help themselves improve their lives by collaborating with INGO's by proposing projects for review and potential funding around health, education and well being.


Basa Village Foundation USA consists of a Board and members. Each volunteers their time in the review and discussion of proposed international projects and initiatives. We collaborate with Basa Foundation Nepal in defining needs, determining solutions and creating budgets. We monitor progress and provide resources and feedback.


1.  The local community will own any project in that it will provide all labor, materials and management to the extent it is able, and will own and operate as a co-op any structure, institution or system of a completed project.  The corp provides needed capital and advice for development, execution and operation of a project.

2.  Local leadership develops the budget and plans for
construction, operation, ownership, management and maintenance of all projects in consultation with the corp.  The corp provides advice and monitors the budget in re capital contribution from the corp.

3.  Every project is scrutinized re sensitivity to local culture, traditions and customs and care is taken not to impose changes on the community from the outside.

4.  All donations to the corp are used for project work.  No member is reimbursed for travel to Nepal or elsewhere on behalf of the corp, and only expenses advanced by members necessary for project work, such as shipping or purchases of materials, will be reimbursed. Volunteer time on behalf of the corp should be considered as valuable and essential as monetary contributions, so members will not be paid for time volunteered.

5.  There is no expectation that corp members visit Nepal, but some member(s) should volunteer to make a visit to monitor ongoing projects.  We would try to have at least one annual visit and first hand report from a member,

Meet The Team

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