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  • Jeanne Roue-Taylor

Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake near Katmandu, Nepal

By now you've probably heard that a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, April 24, 2015. At this time, there are over 1,000 people reported dead with many more injured and most of Nepal not yet reconnected with the outside world, meaning the toll will likely go higher.

For those of us who love Nepal and its people, we know that they dont have the resources to deal with and recover appropriately from this tragedy. We havent yet communicated with our sister organization in Kathmandu, but are discussing our options for assisting.

If you wish to donate to an organization with a history of humanitarian work in Nepal, we commit that any gifts will directly benefit the people of that great country.

Checks can be mailed to: Basa Village Foundation USA, %Jeff Rasley, 6422 Ralston Ave., Indianapolis‎ IN‎ 46220

You can also use GoFundMe to donate online:

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