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Toilets Completed for New Medical Clinic

Our 2020 project was successfully completed in August. With combined funding from the government of Nepal and $1,475 from Basa Village Foundation USA there is now a medical clinic and public restrooms in the Basa area. The need for local medical services is obvious. For the last 20 years residents of the Basa area had to walk two hours to reach the nearest medical clinic. No longer.

Restrooms with clean, running water are important, especially for patients and medical staff, for hygienic reasons. The only toilets in Basa Village were the two financed by the Basa Village Foundation USA for the school. There are now four more and two drinking fountains at the medical clinic.

Photos by Niru Rai, Chairman of BVF-Nepal

Thanks to Jeff Rasley for being the primary author of this post.


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